Video Loving: Gorgeous Fashion, A Unicorn, & Elijah Wood – Can Only Be Rodarte


Normally when you get a fashion film you have close-ups of the pretty and very expensive clothes, there is a gorgeous model or actress involved, and generally the narrative is very limited – because really the film is just a way off adding a digital element to the print campaign.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a lot of fashion films, but I love that the Mulleavy sisters behind fashion label Rodarte are a more than a little kooky as this 13 minute short film is weird, beautiful and more than a little unexpected.

Teaming up with director Todd Cole and production company The Creators Project, the short flick ‘This Must Be The Only Fantasy’ is a clever, dark sci-fi-meets-fantasy masterpiece that goes beyond just selling the gorgeous spring/summer 2013 collection, which of course it does, but adds in newcomer Sidney Williams, a unicorn, a fairy and Hollywood actor Elijah Wood.


Granted it is a little odd, you might be thinking at the beginning what do a group of weird-looking teens in LA have to do with a fashion label, but I love how it develops into a fantasy role-playing game where the teens have to embark on a journey that leads to them discovering a unicorn in the garden, a cloaked horseman, and alien-looking hooligans in order to rescue Elijah Wood from a video-game throne with the aid of a fairy, played by supermodel Guinevere Van Seenus.

As well as loving the sci-fi fantasy filled narrative, the slightly spooky original music by Beach House adds to the suspense of the short film, and the clothing just adds to the beauty – I love Sidney’s warrior princess outfit for her sword fight with the fringed leather.


Check out the film below:

[Pics: Rodarte via]