HTC One: Gothic Couture Captured With HTC Zoe

HTC One: Gothic Couture Captured With HTC Zoe

I’ve had my HTC One since it came out, I adore it, and I love that I’m always mastering something new on it. The latest skill I’ve been learning about is the incredible HTC Zoe function, which brings pictures snapped on my mobile to life in a cool 30-second video.

Basically, instead of just taking a still image, HTC Zoe records 3 seconds of HD video while at the same time capturing 20 photos, plus like magic the video also starts recording before you actually press the shutter – so you will never miss that perfect shot.

Granted each ‘Zoe’ is only 3 seconds compared to 15 in an Instagram video – but you can group a whole host of ‘Zoe’ content to make a highlight reel. Plus once you are happy with the content there are 12 filters with accompanying music to apply to make your video complete.

To test out my new ‘Zoe’ skills the guys over at HTC put on an amazing fashion shoot, styled by Minna Attala and directed by photographer Miss Aniela in the incredible setting at MC Motors studios. So with only my HTC One handset I played photographer on an editorial-style shoot to capture the best shot – working with the light, taking in the setting, playing with angles and getting some detailed shots of that incredible Bibian Blue gown and Topshop jewellery.

Miss Aniela, who runs fashion shoot experience days, gave me some tips for capturing moving images during the shoot to help me get the best shots possible, which I will certainly be using this fashion week.

Photography Tips:

  • Light – Look for the light, but be creative with it – it’s not just about the sun, explore the effects of street-lamps or different colour lights too – also move your handset around to seek the best auto-exposure.
  • Detail – Look for detail and focus in on it – ruffles on fabric, the lines of buttons on a jacket, the incredible print. Capturing the movement of fashion accessories down the runway will make great contextual shots for your highlight reel.
  • Angles – Play with a variety of angles over the course of your video in order to show all the interesting views of the outfits, but also add a sense of drama – shooting from a low angle is great for adding the illusion of height.
  • Context – Think carefully about your backdrop and how it works with the looks you’re shooting – treat your environment as a feature of your shoot. For fashion week – why not capture the atmosphere inside the tent before the show, snap the fashion crowds queuing to get in, and the sight of the photographer’s pit.

Here is my Gothic Couture highlight reel using the Islandia filter and a few of my favourite snaps:


[Pics: all pics/video taken on my HTC One]