Beauty Bytes: Liz Earle Strengthening Nail Polish

liz earle,nail polish,nail varnish,beauty,brand,beauty blogger

liz earle,nail polish,nail varnish,beauty,brand,beauty blogger

I’ve been finding lately that nail varnish is all about how much glitter, sparkles, and texture detailing brands can offer, don’t get me wrong I’m a fan of confetti sprinkles on my nails, but discovering the Liz Earle strengthening nail polish, which comes in some gorgeous classic hues I realised that sometimes it is fun to take a break from the over-the-top and give my nails a breather. 

I’m a fairly new convert to Liz Earle, dreadful really considering the brand is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and last month I gushed about how much I love the hot cleanse and polish, well now I can’t get enough of their strengthening nail varnishes. 

Enriched with avocado and borage oils, the Liz Earle nail polishes have been designed to help strengthen and enrich nails during wear, and they claim to deliver a coat of even colour that lasts for up to 12 days. I don’t know about 12 days but mine were still looking amazing after 7 days when I changed them.

What I loved, other than the amazing colours, had to be how creamy the texture was, it really helped create a streak-free and easy to apply colour on my nails, plus it didn’t have any of that nasty smells that some nail polishes have. 


I was treated to a manicure at the brand’s recent press day, I went for the amazing Bright and Breezy, a gorgeous coral hue that is just so great for summer. Sometimes I find that nail polish colours don’t look as vibrant out of the bottle and I was happily surprised that it was near-enough spot on after two coats, also check out how glossy they are.

There are 12 shades in the collection from uber-brights like mine to classic neutrals like this timeless grey, Grey Dawn, as well as uplifting pinks and reds, I particular love the look of Pink Perpetue a fuchsia hue and the classic Pillar-box red Knockout, as well as a sultry dark blue, Rhapsody in Blue, and a deep burgundy Pure Poetry.

One shade I can’t wait to try has to be the 20th anniversary limited edition signature blue shade, inspired by a summer’s day on the Isle of Wight, such a gorgeous colour and perfect to pair with a little white dress when the weather heats up.

The varnishes retail for £8.50, cheaper than Nails Inc and OPI, and yep they might not have the colour selection of these guys, but if you are after timeless, classic colours you’ll wear time-and-again you will love these, plus they give your nails a little TLC while still being pretty.

You can buy in Liz Earle Stores and online, as well as John Lewis.

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