Getting Summer Ready With Braun Silk-Epil 9

braun epil silk 9,braun,hair,epilator

braun epil silk 9,braun,hair,epilator

When it comes to hair removal I’m kind of a wuss and stuck in my ways, I’m all about running a hot bubble bath and using a razor to defuzz, as it is simple and easy to do. I’ve given waxing a go and granted yeah it doesn’t hurt but doing it yourself is messy and annoying I generally want to give up after one leg, then you have removal creams that so don’t work or maybe that’s because I’m too impatient to wait the allotted time, and then there are laser treatments and, to be honest, the at home versions are so pricey they aren’t worth it. So when Braun asked if I would like to test out its new epilator, the Silk-Epil  9, I was actually happy to try it out as it is probably the only hair removal method I haven’t given a go, and I so need to prep my legs for the sunny weather we’ve been having.

There was a weird response when I told my friends I was testing out an epilator, for some they remember that dreadful experience as a teenage trying it out and it being very painful, a few wouldn’t even try it after hearing how painful it could be, actually the word pain was a recurring theme in my conversations, to say I was a little worried was an understatement, one friend did make me feel better by saying that she has been using an epilator for the past 5 years and loves it, she was actually a little jealous about my new beauty gadget.

I’m not going to lie, an epilator is basically a mechanical tweezer that is pulling out those pesky hairs, it isn’t going to be painfree, but hey I can hurt myself using a razor, but the Silk-epil 9 has been designed to make it as painfree as possible, plus if you can get past a few tears you will have fuzz-free legs for up to 6 weeks, I have to be honest I quite like those odds.


What I love about the Silk-epil 9 has to be the fact it utilises wet and dry technology, meaning it is water tight up to five metres, perfect for a bubble bath loving gals like myself, which was the perfect place to try it out for the first time as it meant I was relaxed, more comfortable and the water made it a more soothing experience.

I’m not going to fib and say it was painless, or that I wasn’t scared, but in Braun’s word this is their most efficient epilation yet and it is all because it has new micro-grip tweezer technology, say that ten times really quick, which means wider, longer and deeper tweezers increase the feeding and plucking performance whilst the curved geometry offers close skin contact, in my language it means it achieves a smoother finish.

If like me and you are a newbie to epilation opt for the gentler speed setting, it will allow your skin to get used to the device, and you will also find that the micro-vibrations  and the massaging rollers will make it more bearable. The best thing though is that this little beauty is also pretty quick, helped by the fact it has a 40 percent wider head, so it won’t take you long to get summer-ready legs, plus the flexible head can pivot by up to 30 degrees to get even closer to those difficult areas.


First impressions of an epilator can be that it is going to be painful and is pricey, this model retails from £149.99, but you have to take into account that it is more than just a hair removal gadget, it can also exfoliate, so if you use fake tan regularly you could well do with this beauty. Also, it makes for a pretty good travel companion as it also comes with a shaver head so you can use your epilator as a dry shaver.

I have to be honest I was pretty surprised and impressed with the results and I’m told that the more you use it, the easier and less painful it becomes. My top tip would be to use in the evening as it allows the skin to settle down overnight, plus use a soothing moisturiser. But going by the results, I’m certainly happy.

The Braun Silk-épil 9 is £149.99 and you can buy it from Boots.

Have you given epilation a go?


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    October 17, 2015 / 6:30 am

    The latest model is the most beautiful epilator that I have seen so far and I’ve seen many epilators so far. It is not only beautiful, but also powerful.