My Snapchat Hypocrisy

My Snapchat Hypocrisy

Snapchat, it’s a little like marmite, you either love it or hate it, but I also think there is another camp, like me, who just doesn’t fully understand it. I’ve been quite vocal about not wanting to get sucked into another social media platform, isn’t Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest enough? I also might have expressed that unless you’re a teenage girl surely you’re too old. Well, I’m a Snapchat hypocrite and I’ve actually been sucked in.

First up, I know I certainly not a 14-year-old girl, but I was convinced to use my account, which has been sat dormant since the app first launched, by friends who said it could be fun, and I’ll give it to them it has its moments, especially following Jared Leto, he is a dreamy Snapchat god, who strangely enough was my teenage crush.

I have to also own up, I’m still not sure what I’m doing, I’ve just about learnt how to swipe for filters and stickers, which means I’m now obsessed in this heatwave with the temperature. I also delete more videos and images than I post, I’m blaming Snapchat a little for that, but I have to admit it is freeing to send out un-edited, in-the-moment content, even if 90% of mine is my cat JD, which I’m sure he isn’t happy with, food, clouds and flowers.

Once you grasp the basics, about capturing your story in photos and videos, understanding and not getting upset that no one watches, that they can’t comment back unless they Snapchat you directly, and the fact that the quality is terrible, you are all set to go!!! Plus if you do get into any trouble Google will be your friend if only it came with a handy manual.

I’ve found that Snapchat is the new WhatsApp for my friends, whereas we used to share pics via the text service now it seems a video is better, it also means that there are a lot of crazy faces, dancing, bad singing, and giggle sessions, so in that regards everyone has a 14-year-old girl sleepover mentality. I think the fact things disappear after 24 hours, well unless someone screenshots that awful make-up free selfie, means that people do more stupid things.

Saying all that I think I have to warn you they’ll be some people that will annoy the hell out of you, I’m not naming names, but when I first started using I added lots of my fav Instagram peeps and I’ve had to unfollow them as some really don’t come across as genuine people more like spoilt brats. It seems that unedited isn’t always best, which is such a shame. But it has taught me that less of my face and annoying voice on Snapchat is preferable for all.

What I would say is that Snapchat is more for the ones you know, the ones you call pals, family and amigos, I know I’m obsessed with Jared Leto, but the snaps I want to press and hold most are the ones from real-life friends, which makes it less of a blog thing, phew not as much pressure, and more of a crazy fun thing, which I’m sure, and deep down hope will disappear when the sun goes in. FYI I don’t think it will as apparently it is the third most popular social app.

If like me you are starting out, still not sure, testing the waters and still mulling it over, here are some Snapchatters that are killing it, and who I really would love to give me a lesson or two – Jared Leto, do you think I could mention him any more times in this blog?, the beautiful and super sweet Sarah Mikaela @Srhmikaela, Shini from Park & Cube will make you giggle @Sparkncube, and you’ll get to see Paris every day by following We The People @wethepeoplefsn. Oh, and if you like black cats, flowers, and the occasional crazy face then hit me up @FashionNBarbie.

So do you guys have any Snapchat tips for me?

[Pics: Mine and Jared Leto Snapchats – sadly not together]