Making A Statement Candle Display

Making A Statement Candle Display

I’m a little obsessed with both candles and vases, they are literally dotted all round my house in all shapes, sizes and colours, and as recently we re-decorated our living room into a fresher, modern colour, a gorgeous mint green, I decided that it would be a great idea to make a feature candle centrepiece display for the corner of our room. 

I knew I wanted it to coordinate with the new colours, so a sea themed display seemed like the best idea, and as I love it so much, and it was cheap, super easy and very quick to put together I thought I’d share the idea as it really does add a touch of personality to our living room decor.candle-centrepiece-2

I promise you don’t need a lot – a large vase, a beautiful candle, and a stack of decorations, I’ve gone for a seaside theme, so I have shells, scented seaside shapes and the cutest little boat. All in all, I spent less than £20.

Step 1: Find a vase you like, you probably have one lying around so scout the house before heading out to buy something new. I actually bought this beauty for our wedding sweetie bar from Homesense, TK Maxx’s dedicate homeware store, this place is always my first stop for cute home decor pieces, and the prices are great this vase was only £7.99.

Step 2: If the rim is big enough for you to place your candle in and work around it then you are doing better than me. Mine is too big so I had a little balancing act to keep everything in place. So if your vase is like mine just skip step 2 and kick off with placing your decorative items in.

Step 3: First thing in for my display was my scented seaside pack of white shapes I picked up in Ikea. These added a great contrast against my blue candle and make a great base. Next up were my shells, here I have a bag I picked up at the Lifeboat charity shop, as well as some I brought home from our honeymoon, I do love adding memories into statement features for the home.candle-centrepiece-4

So the scented shapes and shells are in, and to give it more of a seaside flavour I have added in a cute boat, also from the Lifeboat shop a bargain for £2 and it looks pretty sat at the front. 

Once the candle is in, placed in careful so not to disturb all your good work, you are ready to give your centrepiece a new home. I’ve placed mine on the floor in our living room, but it would also work well in a bathroom or on a dining room table.

Not a fan of the sea, why not add spray painted rocks, corks, coffee beans, or how about surrounded by mini succulents. 

candle-centrepiece-1 candle-centrepiece-3 candle-centrepiece-6