Dreaming Of A Good Night’s Sleep

sleep,sleep tips,tips,good night sleep.good night,sleep

sleep,sleep tips,tips,good night sleep.good night,sleepMy relationship with sleep can be a little up-and-down, there are moments when I literally nod off as soon as my head hits the pillow, and then there are times, like at the moment where falling asleep is the hardest, most frustrating thing, and it can really start affecting my mood, my productivity, as well as my general wellbeing.

I like a routine, I’m not strict on the time, but generally I’m in bed around the 10pm mark on a weekday, I know such a party animal, and they say that this is the first thing you need to do to get a good night’s sleep. Well, I can check that off and it still brings around weeks of sleepless nights. So I thought I would share a few of my tips to get back to dreaming rather than tossing and turning and hoping that sleep comes soon.

So why the sleepless nights? There are many reasons for me, I’m an over worrier, over thinker, and I do find it hard sometimes to turn off, I think this might be my problem right now. I was going to blame the heat, granted it hasn’t been helping, thank god for our fan, but I think it is rather my busy schedule at the moment that is causing the disruption.

But as I said this comes around in waves for me so I’ve picked up a few tips along the way to get my sleep back on track. First things first, refrain from social media and emails at least 30 minutes before you head to bed. You can also go as far as having a mobile phone ban in the bedroom, I totally live by that, both my husband and I leave our mobiles either downstairs on in the office, there isn’t anything more distracting on winding down than checking your notifications.

I also suggest stopping watching TV in bed, if I had my way there wouldn’t be a TV in our bedroom but my husband does love to watch a car chase in bed. I find I can’t switch off as easily with the TV blaring, instead, I prefer to read a book, nothing too serious, normally a classic or a book I love, currently I’m re-reading The Secret Garden.

I also swear by This Works sleeping range. I am a fan of the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, a few sprays of the lavender and wild chamomile mix onto my pillow and a few drops of the Deep Sleep, Stress Less natural rescue remedy to my wrists really does calm me. I don’t use these products every night, but when I’m in this cycle of sleeplessness and struggling to get back into a good rhythm with my sleep I find it really does help, and it makes my bedroom smell amazing.

Another thing I do religiously and find important is to write down my worries, things I need to do, chase and change, things on my mind, ideas, anything really that’s swirling around in my head distracting me. So I keep a pad and pen handy by my bed. I then check it out in the morning as a kick-start to the day, I find it also helps me be a little more productive with my workload, which in turn helps with my sleep.

My last tip is to wear an eye mask. I have had a love-hate affair with them in the past, I get that they help keep the distractions away, but I’ve always found them uncomfortable and tight on my face, well that is until I tried out the cashmere SPC Collection eye mask that I was kindly gifted on my recent stay at the St Pancras Hotel. This has seriously been a godsend these past few weeks with the nights staying lighter. Not only is it stylish, loving the grey and coral combination, but it really is the softest eye mask I’ve ever worn and it is so comfortable as it isn’t elasticated, just beautifully made. This beauty is going to be my new travel companion.

Other good night’s sleep tips that I try to stick to include, not eating too late, opting for decaf tea, it really is just the same, and making sure that I have enough water throughout the day. I’m going to check each thing off tonight and fingers crossed I’ll sleep through the night for the first time in a week.

What do you go to get a good night’s sleep?