LFW SS16: Georgia Hardinge – Dynasty

LFW SS16: Georgia Hardinge – Dynasty

When it comes to great emerging British talent, Georgia Hardinge has to be at the top of the pile, her passion for architectural shapes and sculpture makes her designs instantly recognisable. If you haven’t discovered her designs, you will love her spring/summer 2016 ‘Dynasty’ collection, filled with her intricate sculptural details, laser stenciling, and romantic silhouettes.

It was also one of the most creative presentations that I attended during London Fashion Week, the concept of pinning post-it notes around the room and having fans move them as the models strutted down the catwalk was simple yet very effective.



As well as loving all the details, it was the romantic silhouette of the gorgeously pleated gowns that made me swoon, the movement was divine, which was really aided by the intricate laser stenciling of elements of the zodiac using symbols of Scorpio, Cancer and Gemini. The laser technique inspired by old Japanese stenciling adds beautiful texture and shadows to the exquisitely crafted designs. 

The colour palette also made the collection stand out, I loved the white, but it was the bright yellow, deep oranges and pale pinks that were my highlights of a beautifully put together collection.

I have always adored Georgia Hardinge, her talent is undeniable and it’s rare for an emerging talent to have their signature aesthetic down – when you see pleated paper sculptures whether as a print or manipulated in the fabric you think of Georgia, but it’s exciting to see her brand grow with maturity and confidence. This collection for me was beautiful, commercial as well as creative, and most important showcased the very best of the London-based designer – I can’t wait to see more.LFW-SS16-georgia-hardinge-27