Bye 2015 – It’s Been A Great Year

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Can you believe that it is the end of 2015 already?

I probably say this every year, but, 2015 really did whizz by for me, and I have to be honest I’m not sure I always gave myself time to fully enjoy everything. Maybe that will become a New Year resolution, to take a breath, not to just participate but also enjoy and immerse myself fully, rather than getting a little lost in this whole blogging malarky. It is hard, I enjoy being busy, I enjoy taking on new challenges, and I love traveling, and 2015 was definitely a great year for all that, but maybe I could look at balancing my worrying about getting the shot, creating engaging copy and just generally worry for worrying sake, with just having more fun!!!

I’ve kind of gone off on a tangent, this blog post was supposed to be about celebrating 2015, as it really has been a great year. I’ve done a little travelling, it was actually one of my goals this year to add more travel content and I’m hoping to continue this forward into 2016. There were a lot of highlights, firstly I finally made it to Asia for the first time, and I did it alone, which I was proud of myself, and really enjoyed exploring Kuala Lumpur, even if the heat was a little unbearable. I went to Paris, more than once, as why the hell not it is so close after all, I even gave vlogging ago, why not head over and subscribe to my channel it will make me very happy and push me to do more content next year. 

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My other European excursion was my first trip to Berlin and fell in love with it, I did share an outfit post from the city – my ripped jeans, but not my love of the German capital, yep I’m a bad, forgetful blogger, I did upload the images but not the copy, so that will be one for you next year and then trust me you are going to be searching for cheap flights to experience yourself. The last travel highlight had to be Marrakech, I got lots of tile inspiration, and produced one of my favourite style posts of the year, a little homage to Minnie Mouse. Now if only Blighty could have the sunshine of Morroco it would make doing outfit posts so much easier. 

But I think it is safe to say that 2015 has definitely seen my outfit posts take a step in the right direction, not only with regards to style but also the quality of the locations and photographs. I try to share a style post once a week, well that’s the plan, and I can’t believe I’ve shared over 35 looks this year. It’s crazy really considering how awkward and anxious I still get posing for them. But, I have to admit I have definitely had a lot of fun and I’m proud of some of the editorial I have produced. Standout looks that you guys seemed to love, both on here as well as on my Instagram **are you following me yet?**, had to be my winter floral suit worn during London Fashion Week, this look was most certainly helped by being shot by the amazing Adorn Girl so check out her blog. Another popular look was my recent tribute to Star Wars, I’m so in love with this blue Boden leather jacket, then there were those amazing Asos wide-leg trousers that I still adore wearing, and everyone went crazy for my love of the 70s trend with this beautiful Chloé dupe and cool suede mini skirt

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I still think my favourites of the year, along with my Minnie Mouse style has to be sitting in a field of lavender, discovering that a midi skirt with a cute off-the-shoulder top was my go-to summer look, and getting out of my comfort zone by wearing a white floral dress. Do you have a favourite from my style posts this year? 


I also featured a little more lifestyle content this year, shared my beauty passions – my long hair products is one of my top blogs this year, everyone seem to love finding out about Sabon and my pain-free epilator experience, and my tips for getting a good night sleep was one of my most retweeted blog posts, I do love geeky stats. There were also a few afternoon teas, staycation reviews, and cool fashion exhibitions, my favourite being the incredible Louis Vuitton Series 3 exhibit, and some yummy recipes, I’m actually craving this rustic plum tart with custard. 

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There really has been so many highlights this year and I have to thank you all so much for your support, I still can’t believe that next month I will have been doing Fashionista Barbie for six years, what an amazing ride, and I can’t wait to share even more amazing style, travel and lifestyle content in 2016. Happy New Year sweeties. 

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