Life Goals For 2016

Life Goals For 2016

I love the start of the year, I’m all full of drive and positivity, and I basically think I can take on the world. I’m not sure when in January it disappears, but alas it always does, and I think that’s because sometimes, OK, all of the time I put way too much pressure on myself, which basically means I lie awake worrying about my New Year resolutions. To try and keep this good feeling going until at least February I have decided to get rid of the concept of ridiculous resolutions that I am never going to stick to and instead put together what I’m going to call Life Goals. I’m not saying I will complete all of these, but they are targets that I can strive to reach, rather than being disappointed with the unrealistic expectations that I can maintain a sugar-free diet for the whole of the year. Yep, one year that was my idea of a great resolution, I think I lasted two weeks until I realised my other half was still putting sugar in my tea, so basically I didn’t even manage a day. Soul-destroying is an understatement, and hopefully, with my Life Goals, I can avoid such disappointment. 

I do like goals. I set myself a number of them monthly for my blog, my eating habits, fitness, etc, I even have a letter-writing goal, which I sadly fail each month, but without putting pressure on myself here are my 2016 Life Goals that I’m aiming to achieve this year. What I just have to keep in mind is that it isn’t the end of the world if I don’t complete said Life Goal, but in the same feeling I have to come up with great incentives to push me forward, points mean prizes, or should I say Life Goals achieved should mean I get to treat myself with something beautiful. So I think alongside my Life Goals list I will also be putting together a wishlist of rewards, which once completed I, of course, will share, but it will feature handbags, shoes, weekends away, and probably items to help me pushing forward to meet my other goals.


Life Goals 2016 for Fashionista Barbie 

Drive content forward

2015 was a big step up for Fashionista Barbie, I wrote more posts last year than the previous and I enjoyed it way more. I think taking some time away to plan my wedding helped, but now I need to keep improving on my momentum. With that in mind, I’ve already thought about developing a mantra that sums up Fashionista Barbie and my editorial style, something that combines all my passions, where I want the content to go, an idea that will help promote myself and my work. So, drumroll please, the tagline for Fashionista Barbie will be ‘Travel, Style and Living Well – celebrating everyday living for the modern woman’. What do you think? 

I want my blog to inspire your everyday life with great fashion, beauty advice, lifestyle tips, indulgent travel destinations, as well as embracing the everyday. I think mostly Fashionista Barbie has done that, in 2016, I want to be better at keeping my identity, pushing forward with ideas to inspire, as well as sharing my thoughts, I still love that this blog is personal, I love writing down my musings to share with you all, and I hope to inject a little bit more of that this year. I might have started my tagline with travel, I just thought it sounded nicer that way, but fashion and style will still be the main focus, I just wanted it to also include my other passions, basically I want Fashionista Barbie to be a rounded representation of my loves.

Embrace who I am, what Fashionista Barbie is, and not be scared to promote myself

Lengthy and wordy, but, the point is Fashionista Barbie is six years old this month, crazy right, and over the year’s the content has changed, confidence helps, and what I am hoping for in 2016 is to embrace who I am, be happy that I’m not a stick-thin model in my style posts, and be proud to promote my blog, with the aim of getting my name out there more. I do sometimes prefer to stick to the shadows, I know a crazy concept when I blog about my life and style, but I would rather share and discuss than be overly pushy. I don’t think that will change, I can’t handle pushy, but I think I could be more strategic with my promotion, maybe I could be out-and-about more, sometimes the lure of spending time with my husband is too great, but, for 2016, I will try and attend more events. I used to enjoy networking and meeting people before I went freelance and I need to get back into that habit. I think I need a few lessons in PR!!!

Be better at Instagram

I was going to put hit 10,000 followers, but my 4k does make me think that isn’t a do-able goal, but if I got better you never know. But, then again, how do you know when you are better? It’s probably suggested with an increase in followers. So, here goes, I would love to hit 10,000 by the end of 2016. Wow, that’s quite scary, a big task, but this year for me it’s all about improving Instagram. It’s sad how much I worry about my pictures, likes and follower numbers, I do love it – creating photographs is a passion, but I hate how important it is to blog opportunities with brands, and seen as another goal is to promote myself without being embarrassed improving Instagram would be a great start to furthering my opportunities. I won’t be going down the overly stylised feed, yeah I know apparently that’s what works, but isn’t it a little boring to see a white wash over every picture, where’s the heart of the person? I still want my Instagram to be an extension of my life, so it will feature everything I love, whether that works with my grid or not. 

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Video blog once a month

I would love to say weekly vlogging was in the cards this year, but that would so not be achievable, maybe once I get into the swing of things, but, for now, my confidence just isn’t there. I always wonder what sort of blogs people want to see, I generally only check out my friends Youtube’s and cat videos, lots and lots of cat videos, and I have tried to capture my three kitty monsters but when the camera is rolling they don’t do anything funny. But this is a focus for me, I want to create something fun, which complements my writing. I think I need to get brainstorming!!!

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Investigate adding a newsletter

Do you find trends go round in circles? 5 years ago newsletters seemed to be the thing, then social media platforms exploded and I found that they just clogged up my inbox, I still find myself endless unsubscribing from meaningless newsletters. However, saying all that, the newsletters I get from my favourite blogs do make me click through for a catch-up, now I just need to see how I can make that work for Fashionista Barbie. Expect a poll on Twitter or even an e-mail catchment widget to appear, I suppose it depends on how many people want to read it. 


Personal Life Goals 2016

Travel more

This life goal actually crosses over a little with the blog, but this year I would love to be able to travel more, try and visit some of those places that have been on my wishlist for a while. There’s a lot of Europe, I would love to take mini-breaks to discover Prague, Vienna, Barcelona, Copenhagen and return to Berlin, 24-hours wasn’t long enough. I think I need to check out the RyanAir and EasyJet deals. It would also be perfect if I could go skiing this year, my husband goes with work and I’m a little jealous, I want snow, lots of it. I also, of course, want to return to New York, actually, this appears on every life goal list, I love it there, also Paris, I love hopping over the channel, fingers crossed I get to shoot there this year as I have never done a Parisian style post yet. I also dream of going to a tropical island for a second honeymoon, Bali does look amazing – maybe that will be one for next year!

Write my novel

I’m not suggesting that I write a whole novel this year, it would be nice, but I’ve been writing on-and-off for the past five years, and maybe 2016 is the year I actually put together chapters to start my book. I’d be lying if I don’t think about being published, but to be honest, I just want to prove to myself that I can do it. I love writing, which is why my blog posts are probably overly long, and I think writing, or in my case typing on my typewriter a book is the next level. 

Learn to take better pictures

Photography is a passion, I don’t just like taking flatlays for Instagram, even though I have to be honest, I kind of do, I love landscapes, discovering shadows and reflections, and this year I want to improve my photography skills. To push myself, I’m even going to set up a second blog, for those non-fashion moments that I wish to share. Now all I need is a great name! I promise I’ll share it on here when I have finished it. I basically want to create a creative outlet that’s just expressed through a great image.

Write more letters

I know old school right, but I do love getting mail, proper mail in the post, and this year I plan on writing to friends and family more. Rather than jotting over a catch-up e-mail I’m going to put pen to paper. I’m also considering doing Postcrossing where you send postcards to strangers around the world and receive them back, sounds fun. 

Worry less, have more fun

Last up, worry less, a hard task I seem to do it constantly, I have to learn this year to control my anxiety and worry spells that keep me awake and stop me from realising my full potential. It’s hard when you are holding yourself back because you’re anxious, I have to be less hard on myself, learn not to compare myself to others, be happy in my own skin, and most of all enjoy this thing we call life. Without fun what is the point to all of this?

So, 2016, I’m coming for you with a fun, positive energy, and if I can conquer the world while I’m at it, that gets a double thumbs up, if I don’t achieve all on my life goals, that’s OK, I just want 2016 to be a year of happiness and good health. 

Happy New Year everyone – let me know what’s on your life goal list for 2016.