Canon EOS M10 Camera Review

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I’ve been testing out the Canon EOS M10 compact system camera for the past couple of months, and at first I thought this compact and light camera would just be a nice addition to my camera collection, I would use at press days and such, but it has become much more than that, it has become my go-to camera. In the last five months, all the photography on my blog and Instagram has been taken with this beauty, my Canon 650D has become a little unloved. I’m not saying that this camera is an instant replacement, just at the moment, I do like the convenience of a lightweight camera, which offers great quality of shots as well as allowing me to change the lenses. It is what you could probably call a great ‘blogger’ camera, as its WiFi function allows you take Instagram snaps with ease, it was one of the main reason why I’ve become obsessed with this camera. 

You see, last year I bought a Sony compact, I thought that was going to be my Instagram/Vlogging camera, it was tiny, had the flip ‘selfie’ screen and took amazing videos, one small snag, the quality wasn’t amazing and it got stuck on selfie mode and I hadn’t even had it 6 months. That’s when I decided I needed one of these ‘blogger cameras’ with the interchangeable lenses. I contemplated the Olympus Pen, my friends rave about this little beauty, but as all my other cameras have been Canon I thought this would be perfect for me. The Canon EOS M10 comes in two colours, white or black, for me I prefer the black, and it also has these funky face jackets, so you can change it up with your outfit, which I of course just adore, the raspberry one is my favourite. 

canon m10, canon, canon eo2 m10, canon camera, camera, camera reviewWhen I first started using I thought I would just be using to capture Instagram-worthy moments on the go, as I love taking pictures where ever I go and my big camera was just too much to take about everywhere. I soon became to realise that I love the convenience of this camera. I love figuring out all the manual settings but I have become so time rushed of late that I just wanted to be able to sometimes just point-and-shoot and this Canon EOS M10 does that so well, while also allowing me to switch to manual mode if I want. 

So how have I been using it? Well, literally for everything from my weekly style shoot, my husband much prefers this camera to my DSLR to flatlays, travel vlogs, landscapes, fashion week, streetstyle, parties, family gatherings, you name it over the past few months I have used this camera to capture the moment. That’s what I love, it is so lightweight that no matter what the moment, whether planned or spontaneous, I generally always have it on me, and with its long battery life I find it doesn’t need charging that often. 

What I would say is that the Canon EOS M10 hasn’t replaced my DSLR for good, just for right now, I think the two cameras work perfectly together for different projects, however, I would totally say that the compact camera has most certainly replaced my smartphone’s camera, which is a good as it is so bad it was being to stress me out and since using this camera it hasn’t worried me once. I just wish I could stream from the camera to my Instastories and it would be a blogger must have!!!

Features I Love – Canon EOS M10

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  • Lightweight and bag friendly
  • 3-inch touchscreen that tilts up through 180˚ – perfect for those selfies
  • Interchangeable lenses – opt for the EF-M lens or use an adapter to use EF and EF-S lenses
  • WiFi enable – transfers quickly and easily to your smartphone
  • Remote shooting – using the Canon app, great for vlogging or doing a group shot
  • Creative Assist – cool mode to experiment and create your own Instagram-worthy filter
  • Can shoot in RAW – to allow versatile editing
  • Super easy to use – as well as being a great click-and-shoot camera you can also select manual 
  • Great battery life

I’m not saying everything is great about this camera, nothing is ever perfect, I do wish that its autofocus was a little quicker, I also wish that there was a front grip without having to add on a face jacket, however there is a thumb grip so that kind of helps, and I really wish that Canon did a 45 or 50mm lens for this camera without having to use an adapter, you know those lenses that us fashion bloggers love to use for outfit posts. I also wish that the body was a little more retro, the sleek look, especially on the white can look a little cheap and plastic.

Overall, the Canon EOS M10, which comes in at under £300 with the kit EF-M 15-45mm lens is a really great option if you are looking for an easy to use, stylish and lightweight camera to take your Instagram and blog pictures to the next level. 

Are you looking for a compact system camera? Have you tried out the Canon EOS M10?

canon m10, canon, canon eo2 m10, canon camera, camera, camera review

canon m10, canon, canon eo2 m10, canon camera, camera, camera review

**Canon EOS M10 is on loan – but as always all opinions are my own**


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    I am thinking about buying this camera ,lovely post.

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