Dinner Inspiration With The HelloFresh Flavour Generator

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Do you ever feel like you are rotating through the same meals week-in-week-out? I do, I think it is because my husband and I are busy that it is hard to think of something inspiring to cook or to find the perfect recipe after a long day. Well, HelloFresh are changing all that with their new Flavour Generator, a fun and easy to use tool for your taste buds, you literally enter your favourite food: Indian, Mexican, British, Italian or Middle Eastern, follow by whether you fancy something: spicy, sweet, tangy, herby or something you’ve never tried before and then hit ‘Generate my Flavour’ and it offers up some yummy recipe ideas for you to try. 

It literally takes the hard work out of ‘what do you want for dinner tonight’ as I all I had to do was select ‘Mexican’ and ‘Sweet’ and it came up with paprika powder and corn that resulted in Quickdraw Quesadillas with Tomato Salsa and Citrus Sour Cream. The generator then supplies the recipe, the ingredients for two or four people, the utensils you will need, nutritional values, and even difficultly level, apparently, this Mexican dinner is a level 2. Then to help you along the recipe instructions come with helpful pictures and tips.

This was the perfect choice for us, mainly as it works as a veggie meal for me, but was super quick and easy to make perfect for my husband by adding chicken. Also, like most of the recipes it was super quick to cook, only 30 mins which is great on a weekday night.

hellofresh,mexican food,recipe,food inspiration,food,cooking,hello fresh box

What I loved about using the HelloFresh Flavour Generator is that it gave me the confidence to try something new, it laid out easy to follow steps, and it was super tasty, no boring dinners from now on. What I would say is don’t be afraid to do your own thing as well, just use the recipe as a guide, do like I did, I added chicken to make it more of a meal, I also used tinned sweetcorn for ease and because I forgot to pick up corn on the cob at the supermarket. Also, think about the extras, try adding guacamole and some nachos for a full on Mexican feast. The flavour generator is all about having fun and cooking from scratch and with my new Aga I certainly enjoyed myself and will definitely be trying out a few more recipes. 

Wonder what the HelloFresh Flavour Generator will choose for you!!!

hellofresh,mexican food,recipe,food inspiration,food,cooking,hello fresh box