My Ultimate Travel Tips For A Great Night’s Sleep

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I love travelling, however, I haven’t always loved the actual travelling part, you know the sleepless journeys, the stressful connections, the crappy food, and the crazy jet lag that always steals a day of your holiday. You can’t make everything go smoothly, come on it never does, does it, however, I have discovered the most incredible travel pillow. Yep, I’ve become one of those people who travels everywhere with my own pillow. But trust me it will make sleeping on the go so much easier.

I’m not talking about one of those wrap around your neck ones that you impulse buy at the airport in hope that it will help you sleep and get comfortable, nope, I’ve falling hard for the Tempur Travel Pillow. This petite pillow is the softest pillow I’ve ever had and I’m not going to lie I think everyone on my early morning flight to Amsterdam for work were a little jealous, as this beauty is filled with Tempur micro-cushions for extra plus comfort, which translates to so dreamy you’re a literally asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow. 

OK, so it isn’t cheap, it’s £65, but seriously Tempur is known for its great sleep products as its mattresses, pillows and beds are all made out of NASA’s unique memory foam, which helps to improve sleep, and oh boy is this beauty perfect to sleep on. Just think of its this way, if you manage to sleep through your flight, train or car ride that money is going to be so worth it.

tempur,tempur pillow,tempur travel pillow,travel tips,travel sleeping tips,I’m also a big advocate of a sleep mask, I was introduced to one a couple of years ago and I generally use one every night, but more so when I travel, for me it just makes it easier to get to sleep in new hotel rooms and on planes. I know some people don’t like the elastic, tightness of a sleep mask, neither do I, that’s why you have to shop around. I generally rotate between a felt one I have and this Tempur Sleep Mask as not only is the Tempur material gentle on my face, I actually love how the shape of the mask moulds perfectly and keeps the light out. I also love that it has velcro straps that you can make as tight or loose as you prefer, so much more comfortable and easier to keep on. 

I’ve actually been so impressed with these travel products that I think I might need one of their mattresses for the new house, if a pillow can change my sleeping patterns when travelling, imagine how much more sleep I would get with one of their foam mattresses. If you’re intrigued why not take on the Tempur Challenge, running until August 7, when you go into a store, test out the mattresses and win one of their fabulous travel pillows. To find out more and you nearest store click here. 

tempur,tempur pillow,tempur travel pillow,travel tips,travel sleeping tips,

My Top Five Travel Tips For Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

1. Find the right pillow. There is a reason why you don’t sleep without a pillow, you need to be comfortable and relaxed to get to sleep and there’s something about having your head elevated that just helps.  

2. Concentrate on your breathing. I know it sounds crazy but I like to do calming exercises similar to when I’m doing yoga, simply take a few deep breathes and calm your body ready to sleep. 

3. Use a sleep mask. By blocking out the light and creating darkness it helps your brain produce melatonin, the chemical of sleep, which in turn helps you get to sleep quicker. For an added kick spray a little lavender onto mask to help your relax. 

4. Discover This Works Deep Sleep Stress Less. I’m a big fan of the entire This Works sleep range, at home I regularly use the pillow spray and I find this aromatherapy blend perfect for travelling. Not only does it calm me down, which in turn helps me sleep, I also find it useful in any stressful situations, I literally roll the oil onto my wrist and calmly breathe in the relaxing scent. 

5. Set your watch to your destinations time. I always do this as soon as I board my flight, I then eat when it would be breakfast, lunch and dinner at my destination, and sleep when they would to help my body when I get there. This is where you need a great pillow and eye mask and even maybe ear plugs as everyone around you might not be thinking the same way and you’ll need to block all the noise and light out. But trust me it really helps with the jet lag so you can fully enjoy your holiday. 

What are you trusty travel tips?

tempur,tempur pillow,tempur travel pillow,travel tips,travel sleeping tips,

Created in collaboration with Tempur, but all thoughts are my own.


  1. Francesca
    July 31, 2017 / 2:31 pm

    Hey there!
    Love everything in that suitcase, especially the flamingo swimsuit, where did you get it? 🙂
    Thank you! x

  2. July 31, 2017 / 2:52 pm

    Thanks sweetie it is from Primark was like £10 such a bargain. x