Better Life Balance By Getting Outdoors

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One of my goals this year was to have more of a balance in my life, less scrolling and move living, and one thing that helps is getting outdoors, exploring the beauty that is the UK, especially Kent, and having fun with Falcon. Working from home can be quite isolating, you don’t generally go out at lunch to grab a sandwich, you just change rooms, and to be honest with the wintery weather it can be easier to just get all cosy in front of the fire than actually going outside. But you know what, you might even feel happier during the dreary winter months if you actually did brace the cold air.

OK, stay with me, I know what you are thinking I don’t mind getting outdoors when the weather is nice and the sun is shining, but going outdoors when it is cold, raining and a gale is blowing through is crazy, and the couch and a Netflix binging session sounds more appealing. But just remember how much better you feel once you’ve got out in the fresh air and walked off your winter funk. For me, getting outdoors really is one of the best ways I’ve found to improve my mood, especially when I’m feeling low.

Getting Outdoors might make you happier

It isn’t always easy, the thought of wearing five million layers to stay warm, but Falcon does help when I’m really struggling as he really doesn’t care what the weather is like, come rain or shine, and to be honest he has the worst timing so it is mainly raining when we get out for a walk.

You just have to remind yourself that there is no such thing as bad weather, only really unsuitable clothing!!!

Which you might make you laugh when looking at my colourful choice, but stick with me this is actually a full-on cosy outfit, that’s practical as well as being so me.

I love a pop of colour, or three in this case, pink, red and blue, and this Missguided coat is not only fun but also one of the warmest I have and when you are off on a walk in dry weather it will keep you warm, especially when paired with an oversized scarf, a cosy hat and gloves **which I took off for the shot as they weren’t quite as cool as the rest of the look**.

But the most vital piece of any outdoors look has to be the footwear and its pretty lucky that hiking boots are so on trend at the moment, and these gifted beauties from Emu Australia, the Dongara are amazing not only are they waterproof, but they are lined with Australian Merino wool, meaning your feet will be cosy not matter the weather, and they come with two sets of laces, boring black or a pop of red, which just takes these boots up a level for me.

Getting Outdoors at Samphire Hoe, Kent

So, you’ve got layered up, you are all snug and then comes the question of where to go. Finding the perfect location is always hard, Falcon has regular walking routes that are close to home, no driving required, and then we have some great beaches that we can fully use during the winter months that are a short drive, but sometimes for an extra boost I like to venture a little further a field, and explore, and that’s when I discovered the beautiful Samphire Hoe Country Park situated 2 miles west of Dover in Kent.

The park was created by using 4.9 million cubic metres of chalk marl from the Channel Tunnel excavations and is found at the bottom of a section of the White Cliffs of Dover, just proving that beauty really did come from building the tunnel to France. What I love about this walk is that it isn’t hard, it isn’t miles and miles, you get to wander through fields of cows, walk along a pebble beach and watch the ferries going into Dover, and you can also grab a hot chocolate and a sandwich at the cafe.

Where will your adventure take you getting outdoors?

Outfit: Emu Australia – Dongara Hiking Boots (Gifted) // Baukjen – Polka Dot Boyfriend Jeans (Gifted) // Bambi x Cath Kidston – Bambi Rose Leather Crossbody Bag (Gifted) // Primark – Scarf // Missguided – Pink Coat // Rayban – Specs via David Clulow (Gifted) // Gap – Red Hat //