My Black Friday Mantra – Shop Thoughtfully

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OK, unlike other blogs, you won’t be finding a long list of Black Friday discounts. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good deal, a bargain, and snagging a great outfit in the sale, however, I’ve been looking and I have to be honest, I don’t see many good deals out there, just lots of noise and click-bate to get you to spend, in an era when actually I feel a more thoughtful and considered approach, with more sustainable solutions, is needed.

There is always a lot of hype surrounding Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and I get it, I’ve even been sucked in more than once, but this year I’m being more considered with my actions when it comes to the fashion I buy, the beauty products I put on my face, and how I shop in general, opting for more sustainable options and looking for quality.

I also believe that when brands and retailers discount big during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, doesn’t that mean that they increase costs at other times of the year, or is it their supply chain that takes the hit. I think when we stop wanting such crazy sales it will make these brands rethink and focus on producing high-quality pieces with longevity.

I’m not preaching don’t shop, what I’m saying is take a second, there is an overwhelming frenzy surrounding Black Friday, through social media and marketing, I woke up this morning to a crazy amount of newsletters from brands and it isn’t even Friday yet, all of them promising a bigger and better deals than their competitor. In reality, clicking through I realise only a small amount is actually on sale, and it isn’t always current/new stock that you want.

My Black Friday Sales Tips

  • Ask yourself – do you really need this item?
  • If you answer yes, would you still buy it at full price?
  • Can you afford it? This is so important, just because it is in the sale it is not worth getting into debt for it.
  • What’s the quality like, if you’ve bought before from the brand, look at your pieces – are they still in good condition, how often are you wearing them?
  • Could you live without this piece?
  • Also, importantly, if you know you are going to buy it, have you checked whether it’s cheaper elsewhere?

If you are Black Friday sales shopping

Make a list – this helps make you be more focused with your shopping and avoids you getting caught up in the moment.

Do a mini stock check of your wardrobe – I think it is important before hitting the sales that you know what you already own, what you love wearing, and what’s missing from your wardrobe, and while doing it you’ll probably find you have some lost treasures hidden at the back – and might not even need anything new.

Look forward – don’t just buy items that will work well now, think ahead, will they take you through the next season.

Avoid trends, still to classics – those trend-led pieces might be great now, but consider how many times you would wear and whether you’ll wear in years to come.

Stick to investments – I generally buy boots, jewellery, handbags and premium wardrobe staples in the sales, items that are high in quality, timeless in design and I know I will get a lot of wear out of them.

Buy versatile pieces – think about how the item would work with the pieces you already own, if you can’t see how you’d style it up without buying something else, then it isn’t the sale bargain you hoped for.

Keep within your budget – bargains can add up to you know, so before you embark on your Black Friday spending spree have a strict budget set and stick to it.

3 ways to escape the shopping madness

  1. Head to the beach, the woods, anywhere with fresh air, open spaces and the chance to reconnect with nature.
  2. Have a movie marathon, get the hot chocolate on, prep the fire and just have a cosy relaxing weekend.
  3. Volunteer at a local charity.

Are you shopping the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals this year?