Review: Sensica Sensilight Mini Hair Removal

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I read recently that more than 90% of UK women are not happy with their bodies. A staggering figure, but not that surprising, as don’t we all look in the mirror from time to time and wish that we could change something? For me, my body confidence battle has been wide-ranging, from the ongoing challenge on achieving clear skin, body hair, my weight, and even my brows, thank god that big brows came back.

But I’ve realised over the years that you have to make your own body confidence, and I’ve found that mine certainly improves when my happiness levels are high, I think it is why I suffer so much more during the winter months.

For me, helping to improve my happiness comes down to four key things – giving myself a break, thinking more positively, getting outdoors more – even in the rain, and pampering myself. It really is the little things, silky smooth legs, a fun manicure, a golden glow, shiny hair, tidy brows and nourishing my skin.

As part of my pampering routine, I’ve been testing out the Sensica Sensilight Mini, an at-home hair removal system that uses advanced Reactive Pulsed Light (RPL) technology to permanently reduce hair growth. Because let’s be honest we all want silky smooth legs don’t we, and the thought that it could only take 10 minutes, twice a month, for 8 weeks to see a reduction was quite appealing.

I have to disclose I’ve used RPL hair removal before, many years ago, and I wasn’t a fan, the device was bulky, I had to wait for it to recharge between each flash, and it was not that easy to ensure full contact with the skin, which is quite important – I was left with very patchy hair and I had to return to shaving.

The Sensica Sensilight Mini is a game-changer. I was instantly impressed by its compact, lightweight design, which makes it not only great for doing your legs but also perfect for use on your face and small, hard to reach areas – the device can be used on legs, arms, underarms, back, chest, stomach, shoulders and bikini area, as well as on the upper lip, cheek, jaw, chin and neck.

How to use the Sensica Sensilight Mini

For my test, I started off just focusing on my legs, and then this week I decided to give my underarms ago, as I’ve been pretty impressed with the results so far. So, first off, using IPL technology doesn’t offer instant results, it may take 3-4 treatments before you can see any results, and to see any reduction in hair growth it is important to stick to the treatment protocol.

The recommended treatment protocol for Sensica hair removal is different dependant on hair colour, for my light brown to brown hair on the body, I need 1-4 treatments, two weeks apart, followed by up to 12 additional treatments, four weeks apart. To help me stick to a schedule, I simply added it to my diary and set myself a reminder, and then blocked out some Netflix time.

I found the device easy to use, you just select one of the three energy levels, the highest level is recommended for best results, and then you place the Sensilight Mini treatment window firmly against your skin, making sure it is in full contact with your skin, and then, you press the trigger button to release a light flash. You will know if it has been placed properly as it will only flash if the device is in full contact with your skin.

What I loved about this device is that when I was doing my legs I could hold down the trigger button for continuous pulsing, meaning you don’t have to continually press for the flash, as it allows you to move the device down your leg with each flash without lifting it off the skin. This is so handy, not only does it make it quicker to use, but also helps ensure that you treat the whole leg without missing a spot.

My Results using the Sensica hair removal device

I’ve been using the Sensica Sensilight Mini for just over eight weeks now, after the initial treatments getting used to the device, I’ve finally become quite quick at doing the treatments, which is why I decided to try it out on my underarms as well, but that’s only been a week, so I will report back on that on my social media.

The first time I used it, I think it took around 20 minutes to do both legs, I’ve got that down to about 10 minutes, and to be honest, I don’t mind as I do it while watching Netflix. I did my fourth session this week and I can already see a difference in hair growth and thickness, and I think after a few more sessions I will be hair-free, and overall my skin feels smoother and less itchy, which I always found after shaving.

One of the questions I got asked on Instagram when I shared I was starting this test was is it painful, and overall, no, it is more like a warm sensation, however, I did my treatment during my period and I found it to be a little more uncomfortable, and it does say in the start-up guide that hormonal changes can impact the results. My advice would be to ensure that your sessions are the week after your period.

Who can use the Sensica Sensilight?

This isn’t, however, the hair removal solution for everyone, if you are a blonde, ginger or have very light hair, or have a dark skin tone then this device isn’t recommended for you. The Sensilight Mini is best suited for light brown to very dark coloured hair, and skin tones that are 1-5 on the Fitzpatrick scale. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure, the device has a built-in skin-tone sensor, so it will only work on a suitable skin tone.

What helps you with your body confidence? Have you tried the Sensica hair removal system?

The Sensica Sensilight Mini is £149 from Boots.