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I love jewellery. I love how a necklace, a great pair of earrings, or a brightly coloured bracelet can instantly change up my whole mood and outfit. But most of all I love that nearly all the pieces in my jewellery box are attached to a special memory.

Yes, I do buy myself jewellery, mainly as a token to remember a holiday or a special piece to treat myself after a huge project, but for the most part, my jewellery has been gifted to me by the people very dear to my heart, my wonderful husband, my mum and my close friends.

Jewellery always has such strong significances, whether it takes you back to a special moment, reminds you of a person – especially for those pieces handed down to you from loved ones, or helps improve your mood. I also love the stories around some of my pieces of jewellery, like how my husband designed my engagement ring inspired by favourite Christmas movie and how any Tiger’s Eye reminds me of my mum and dad.

It is probably because of those special connections that my jewellery has been like a safety net for me the past few weeks during lockdown. Just adding a pair of earrings to my loungewear has made me feel more like myself and connected to the people I can’t see while in isolation.

It’s strange, when I was thinking about doing this blog post, to showcase some of my favourite pieces, it made me think about how I bought jewellery, and for me, it isn’t a fast-fashion decision, it isn’t trend-led like most clothing, it is personal and emotional.

A Few Of My Favourite Jewellery Brands

I have a few favourite brands, mostly independents, like Bill Skinner – I just adore the creative touch, how he is inspired by nature and the beautiful colourful touches – like my butterfly pendant and stud earring collection from my D initial to my pink flower, dragonfly, bee and ladybird – there is something so fun about this brand that I just love, and best of all it is a brand not afraid of colour.

Then there is Olivia Burton, I’m a big fan of the hoops and watches, as well as its celestial pieces, and it is a brand that loves butterflies just about as much as me.

I also have a few pieces from Daisy London, it really has created a beautiful selection of everyday jewellery that I just love wearing, from its Chakra jewellery to its hoop and stud collection, as well as its stunning and delicate stacking bracelets, as one bracelet really is never enough – is it?

For something a little more luxurious, I’m obsessed with French jewellery house, Gas Bijoux, I just love their meticulous beadwork, the use of feathers, charms and serpents. Basically, this is a brand that adds a little sunshine to any jewellery box and I love my blue and gold serpent bracelet.

I also love picking up jewellery at antique shops, that’s where both of my brooches came from, vintage fairs and charity shops, as well as TK Maxx, I love their cute little sets of necklaces and earrings, Kate Spade for a little fun – my bow bracelet is one of my favourite pieces and always makes me smile when wearing it, and Astley Clarke and Dower & Hall for beautiful gemstone jewellery.

What jewellery brands do you adore?

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