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How To Sleep Well – It’s All About The Bedding

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At the heart of sleeping well is good, quality bedding, more so when it is warm and muggy. Over the years I’ve learnt the hard way, picking up cheap duvets, sheets and pillowcases, opting for cutesy prints over quality, but poor bedding really does have an impact on how well you sleep, especially in these warm, summer months. Plus, there is something so luxurious about getting into fresh sheets.

Invest in an all-weather duvet

For me, it started with investing in an all-weather duvet with a 100% cotton cover, a 3 in 1 duvet that means you can go for a 4.5 tog for warm weather, a 9 tog for spring and autumn, and then combine them both together for a 13.5 tog in winter. It is luxurious and fluffy and a total game-changer.

A 3 in 1 duvet isn’t cheap, I paid over £100, but I do love the flexibility. What I would recommend is buying one with a cotton cover, as choosing the right fabrics is so important when it comes to bedding, especially during the summer months. It is always best to go for bedsheets made out of cotton rather than man-made fabrics such as nylon.

Another thing I would recommend is that if you are going for a feather and down duvet make sure that the feather and down is sourced only as a by-product and that they have a certification to ensure high animal welfare and full traceability of their product. Try John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Dunelm, and Soak & Sleep.

Sleep better with The Fine Bedding Company ‘Smart Temperature’ collection

Got a great duvet, now you need sheets, pillowcases and a duvet cover, and The Fine Bedding Company is the place to go for anyone looking for a temperature management sleep system for those warmer nights with a hotel quality touch. Its Smart Temperature collection features super soft 200 thread count cotton bed linen combined with Smart Temp technology from Swiss textile innovators HeiQ, designed to help you feel cool and comfortable throughout the night.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t understand quite how this bedding work, just that it does. I have been trying it out all week and I’ve had the best nights sleep all summer. But apparently, the intelligent thermoregulation system can sense any increase in body temperature. So, if you get hotter, the technology activates a unique cooling system that mimics the body’s natural cooling mechanism. Pretty cool right, plus when your body reaches its ideal temperature, the cooling effect eases so that you won’t feel a chill. Basically, it is billed as the perfect duvet cover when you’re prone to night sweats. 

What I can tell you is that I love the hotel quality of the bedding, higher thread counts really do make for a better night’s sleep, and the fact that its cotton is sourced through Better Cotton Initiative, then you have the added bonus of the innovative technology. Also, don’t worry just because it has technology weaved in that it needs special laundry needs, the entire smart temperature collection is machine washable.

My only wish, that it came in other colours than just white. I know, white is classic, but with Falcon and Peggy, it can get dirty in seconds.

The Fine Bedding Company Smart Temperature Collection has everything you might need – with the technology applied to fitted sheets, pillows, pillowcases, pillow protectors, mattress protectors and a duvet cover.

Change your mattress & pillows

This probably should have been step one, but if a new duvet and bedding doesn’t help your sleep, it is probably time to invest in a new mattress and pillows. We got a Leesa Mattress and pillows a few years ago and haven’t looked back. I love its foam design, how comfortable it is, especially when it comes to relieving pressure on my joints, and the fact it has a cooling layer for those summer months. Sadly, Leesa doesn’t still operate in the UK, but there are a several great alternatives, offering similar designs at affordable prices – try Tempur, Emma, and Simba.

What are your go-to brands for good quality bedding?

Also, trying to get these pics of the bedroom without animals was hard work, so I gave up – proper posers!!!!

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