Superdoll Collectables: Scarlett Ribbon Affair

In just over a week, eight days to be precise, I will be viewing the amazing Superdoll Collectables autumn/winter 2011 couture show and I have to admit I am super excited. Barbie is one thing, but The Sybarites, high-end fashion dolls are something else, they are seriously stylish and uber-collectible.

The AW11 show, Scarlett Ribbon Affair, takes place at Blackall Studios from October 21 to October 23, and I so looking forward to the press preview. The exhibition sees Superdoll Collectibles returning to London as previous years the brand has showcased its dolls in Paris, Moscow and Tokyo, and I so pleased they are.

The new collection is titled Social Monstrosities, and the resin dolls standing at only 17 inches high, will be styled to perfection in an extreme fashion-meets-fine art kind of way. I just know that I am going to want one so badly!!!

I can tell you now I so can’t afford one of these gorgeous creations, I have to admit I am just thankful that I am one of the lucky peeps getting to see these beauties before private collectors from around the world take them home.

But don’t worry I will be sharing The Sybarites in all their couture glory as Superdoll Collectables have lifted their strict ‘no-photography’ policy for the first time. You know what this means, yep Danielle will take thousands of pictures!!!

As well as seeing The Sybarites up close, I am also excited to meet the artists Charles Fegen and Desmond Lingard, I bet their studio is the best dollshouse ever.

[Pics: Superdoll Collectables]