Fashion Library: Map My Style by Dom & Ink

map my style,book,illustration,fashion,fashion book

map my style,book,illustration,fashion,fashion book

Anything that combines fashion and colouring in with a journal vibe grabs my attention, which is why ‘Map My Style’ is my latest book addiction. I do love it when I’ve got an outlet for my doodles, and more so when they revolve around fashion!

By illustrator, Dom & Ink, I love that ‘Map My Style’ is part fashion journal, there are pages to share your love from bloggers to follow, favourite colour, as well as room to share fashion advice, your style crushes, and the best places to shop to find everything from denim and dresses to workwear and shoes.

Then there are pages that act like a style guide with advice on how to pull off the oversized look, a denim style sheet so you will never get confused between super skinny and boyfriend, plus you get to colour them all in, and there’re even tips on how to pick up a bargain at a charity shop. It really is much more than just fashion doodles.Map-My-Style-Book-10


Add to all that is an element of self-help, with pages dedicated to body image, complete with a page to list all the things you like about your looks, as well as the things you would change. I actually found these sections very therapeutic, as well as inspirational as there are quotes dotted throughout with the likes of Lupita Nyong’o, Lena Dunham, Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent sharing their fashion wisdom. 

As a lover of fashion illustrations, this book is just pure fun as well as relaxing, I literally spent hours on Sunday sketching, colouring in and making fashion lists, it was perfection getting all my felt tip pens and pencils out. I think getting to draw was one of my favourite aspects of this book, but don’t worry your sketches don’t have to rival the illustrations in the book, just look at it as a relaxing tool. I find doodling one of those things that help me turn off, especially from social media, and this book really lets you embrace your creative side. 

I think fashion addicts will love the Map my Style book, especially as it is only priced £9.99 and it is basically a fun-packed activity book, I really love its humorous take on fashion, it will make you chuckle, inspire as well as entertain. Map-My-Style-Book-2