How To Make A Beret Work For You

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OK, so a beret might be one of the hottest trends this season, but come on does anyone actually know how to wear one? According to how many Google searches are made looking for ‘how to wear a beret’, I’m not alone. I hold my hand’s up, I totally didn’t/don’t know how, and I have to be honest I’m not even sure this is right, but you know what, it was right for me. 

There is something about a beret, come on don’t we all want to be a chic Parisian in the 1960s when wearing one? But it isn’t as effortless as it might look. There’s a lot that goes into getting the beret in just the right position. For me, with my fringe, I found that having it sitting slightly back on my head helped, then tilted slightly to the side.

The biggest tip I can give you when wearing a beret is to be confident, place it on your head and the fake it until you are confident with where it is, as the last thing you want to do all day is mess around with where it is on your head. For the first hour or so, I was self-conscious and thought everyone was judging me on my jaunty positioning, but after that I became to really like it, and looking back at this pics I actually think I’ve found another hat I suit. 

The fashion experts say you should avoid neck scarves and strippy tops, but you know, I think do you, be confident and it will make the beret work for you. For me, I decided to team my statement red beret with my bargain checked coat I snagged in the Primark sale, yep this beauty was only £20, and as my hat was doing all the work, I went for a more casual look, with my NASA tee, black jeans and studded boots – one of my most comfortable fashun looks.

How would you wear a beret? 

My Style: Primark – Beret & Checked Coat // H&M – NASA T-shirt // Gap – Jeans // Zara – Bag // Brand Attic – Boots // Ray-Ban – Glasses from David Clulow (c/o) // 

What more beret wearing inspiration? Head to my Pinterest board – or check out this cool illustration from Emma Block on the many ways you can wear the cool hat. 


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