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The Lost Art Of Letter Writing

Letter writing, papier, stationery, stamps, pens, mindfulness

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Letter writing isn’t just for romance, there is a beauty and mindfulness about putting pen to paper to communicate to friends and family or newly found pandemic penpals about your day, your hopes and dreams. Maybe it is the lockdown that has spurred on the trend, but aren’t we all looking for meaningful ways to communicate right now?

For me, letter writing is meditative and cathartic. It takes me away from my computer and my mobile and allows me to relax while also focusing on the words. There is also something special about there being no delete button, yes, you can start over, even scribble out the mistake, or you can just roll with it, share the feelings and thoughts and embrace the not-so-perfect-life.

Letter writing, papier, stationery, stamps, pens, mindfulness

That’s one of the things I have really embraced, putting pen to paper allows me to be me, share my life, without filters, editing and the worry of likes. Instead, letter writing is a gift. The receiver gets a little surprise in the mail, and the sender gets to express their creativity and for that moment of writing, just lose themselves in the words. Win-win if you ask me.

I like the peacefulness that comes with letter writing. I set myself up in a cosy spot, put some music on, light a candle, have a perfect cup of tea on the side, and just write. It really has been the perfect medicine to ease my anxieties during this crazy year. You can also use the walk to the postbox as your daily exercise.

While some people might say writing letters is old-fashioned, for me, I just think there is something more personal about a handwritten letter than a WhatsApp message or a Zoom chat. Plus, who doesn’t want to receive a letter in the post rather than a bill???

Letter writing, wax seal, wax seal stamp

“I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead,”

– Mark Twain

I joined Penpalooza, a penpal community with over 10,000 members around the world set up during the pandemic to create connections in these disconnected times. I have 8 lovely women I write to around the world, in the US, Japan and here in the UK. Each comes from very different backgrounds, and have various interests and careers, but that’s what makes it so lovely when I get to hear about their lives.

Letter Writing Essentials

When I say essentials, the art of letter writing is pretty simple – you generally just need paper, pen, envelopes, stamps and time to share your thoughts. But I do love all the added extras about writing a letter – the stationery, the stickers, and the little treats inside, one of my penpals sent me a tea bag, which I promptly brewed before sitting down to read my letter.

  • Letter writing paper, the prettier the better – I’m a huge fan of Papier – they have so many options, plus I love anything I can personalise with my name on.
  • Fountain pen – Ok, any pen will do, but I love any excuse to choose one of my many fountain pens to use, just don’t forget the ink cartridges.
  • Wax seal stamps and coins – Again, not technically an essential, but still cool to have, and a new addition to my stationery collection. I’m all for anything that adds something special to the envelope.
  • Stickers – Just got plain paper, stickers can personalise anything, basically, stickers can help you make your own bespoke letter writing set.
  • Postage stamps – pretty important if you want to send your letters. Ask your post office for something unique and different, rather than the red or blue you see. I always love seeing stamps from around the world and then adding them into my bullet journal.

ÔÇťWrite to me frequently and the longest letters possible; never mind whether you have facts or no to communicate; fill your paper with the breathings of your heart,”

– William wordsworth to his wife Mary

Where to start with your letter

The starting point can seem a little daunting, especially if it is a new friend or penpal. But remember that writing is one of the most helpful things you can do to relieve stress, so don’t overthink it, just write from the heart.

Ideas for your next letter

  • Recommend a book, Spotify playlist, movie marathon, or podcast
  • Share a poem – doesn’t have to be one written by you, but would make it more personable
  • Do a recipe swap – I love getting baking inspiration
  • Talk about your hobbies, I’ve been sharing my new found love of gardening
  • Share antics of your pets and maybe pop in a photo or two as well showing them off

Shop my letter writing supplies

The main letter writing set featured in the imagery is from Papier – Rainbow Tulip by Rosie Assoulin [Ad-Pr Product/Aff Link]. As with all of Papier’s letter writing sets you can personalise them with your name, initials, address or something fun. I just thought “from the desk of” sounded pretty cool.

Also featured is the Papier Classic Border Notecard Set on beautiful softly textured paper. I have my name and address on, which is why you can’t see it fully. The floral notecards are also Papier, but I couldn’t find the exact match, (similar ones here). I love them as the envelopes have matching floral prints.

Letter writing, papier, stationery, stamps, pens, mindfulness

I’ve also recently got a wax seal stamp set, I bought mine from MeltWaxSeals on Etsy. This shop has the best selection of wax seal coins, as well as colours – I think the butterfly in pink is my favourite at the moment.

Finally my vintage writing case, a cutie I found on eBay from the 1960s. I love that it has space for all my paper, a blotting board, as well as room underneath for supplies.

Have you discovered the lost art of letter writing?