Layering Up Multiple Belts

Layering Up Multiple Belts

If I had to say what my wardrobe centred around it would have to be accessories, whether that’s a colour-pop bag, a great pair of heels, or a statement belt, and over the weekend I decided to style up this great stripey Zara bargain by layering up multiple belts and I thought I’d share a few tips on how you can do it as well.

First off, why not just the one belt then? Well, simply, why the hell not. I used to do this in the 90s, wear lots of different belts, like this in all one colour and similar size, as well as adding in a contrasting colour, a statement buckle or even one very oversized belt layered with two smaller ones. I just love that by adding a few more belts to nip in the waist it can create a whole new look to a recycled outfit.

So how many belts is too many? Well, I always generally stick to three maximum, I just think that three, especially when they are little skinny just works. But I also like to just wear two if one is a lot bigger than the other, or maybe one has a standout buckle, like my snake one from last year, or maybe you are lucky enough to have the double Gs beauty from Gucci, then you really want to show it off, while still styling it a little different with the addition of the second belt.

What sort of look does it work for? For me, I always think it works for simple looks, whether that means a monochrome palette like this look or one block colour. I just feel that the multiple belts break up the stripes, while nipping in my waist and balancing out the ruffle hemline for my curvy figure. I really don’t think I’ve felt this good about myself in a long time but this look gave me all sort of confidence I thought I’d left in 2016!!! 

I also think multiple belts and dresses is such a winning combination, as is an oversized shirt teamed with skinny jean. My top tip, just snag one of your boyfriends/husbands work shirts, slouch it down over one shoulder and use your three belts to nip it in and keep it all in place.

Fancy trying the three belts styling?

My Style: Zara – Stripy Dress //  Emu Australia – ‘Nutbush’ Sandals (c/o) // Belts – New Look, Primark and Asos // Floozie by Frost French – Sunglasses (c/o) // Withings – Smart Watch (c/o) // 



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  1. Reena
    April 28, 2017 / 3:18 pm

    I’ve obviously seen this all over your insta but had to pop onto your blog to tell you how much I love the layered belt look!

    Reena xx Fashion Daydreams