Why It Is OK To Be A Style Repeater

style repeater, Nobody's Child, Star Dress

Do you ever see headlines like ‘Duchess Catherine re-wears her favourite coat’, ‘Meghan Markle’s purple dress is a re-wear of her most colourful look’ and ‘Cate Blanchett re-wears one of her best red-carpet looks’? With lines that include phrases like “an ensemble that may look familiar” and “previously been spotted in the outfit” – but my question to you all is – why does it need highlighting that these royals and celebrities chose to re-wear an outfit? We need to start making it clear that it is OK to be a style repeater, and it is about time that celebs caught on. Fashion isn’t meant to be just worn once.

In the Cate Blanchett article, it said that she was flying the flag for sustainability, maybe she saw the sparkly Armani jumpsuit in her wardrobe and decided to wear it again, maybe it was nothing more than that, as wearing a couture outfit twice does not make it a sustainable lifestyle switch.

We live in a world where influencers displays a whole new look every single picture, and we don’t seem to flinch, yet I re-wear a look and I get DMs asking when am I going to feature new styles, and I just don’t understand that mentality, I’m not a clotheshorse, I’m a person with a wardrobe, I don’t have unlimited shopping money, I buy clothes I love, I enjoy re-wearing them and re-styling them, because you know what – clothes are meant to be worn, not sit inside your wardrobe.

That’s something I’ve been doing more of, only buying items that bring me joy, which I will actually wear, and that can be reworked a number of ways, whether it is with accessories, blazers or coats, basically, anything new I’ve been adding, especially in the last year has to work harder than ever.

Take this Nobody’s Child ‘Georgie’ dress, you’ve already seen it here on my blog, and numerous times on my Instagram and Instastories, dressed up with different coats, boots, shoes, and hats, I loved how versatile and flattering the silhouette is, so much so I bought it in a different print.

I’m also not ashamed to say that sometimes I get obsessed with wearing the same thing over and over again – sometimes I even buy two of the same, or snap up all the same style in different colours – and I’m here to tell you – that’s OK.

The only time I get a little self-conscious is around fashion week, the fashion industry sets the bar pretty high, kind of like because we write about fashion we can buy all the latest catwalk looks or have an in with a shopping stylist, sadly that isn’t generally the case.

I have to be honest I think we need to stop highlighting style repeaters as negative, or with surprise, praise them, highlight the versatility, make that an everyday norm – we need to get of that saying never-be-seen-in-something-twice, isn’t it a little dated and also not a great path to be going down when we’re supposed to be trying to be more sustainable with our fashion?

Are you a happy style repeater?