Teach Yourself To Braid

Teach Yourself To Braid


Combine my love of braids with fashion illustrations and you are on to a winner, which is exactly what Kérastase have done with this handy free e-book filled with incredibly easy-to-do braid tutorials, complete with adorable illustrations by Jessica Durrant.

The ‘Couture Book of Braids’ features 30 different styles, from plaited ponytails to wraparound styles, beautiful beachy fishtails, and even those more complicated heidi-esque crown braids. There really is a braid for every occasion, from the first date to that summer festival, or just those good-to-know everyday braids.

As well as the easy-to-follow steps, I love that Kérastase has also shared their expertise on do’s and don’ts to braiding, the products to use, including their new Matérialiste thickening spray gel that adds body and texture to help your plait stay put, the tools you need, and there is even a hats guide.

I basically want to work my way through and master them all, and I’m starting with these three, how adorable is the flower power fringe braid – love it. I’m kind of obsessed and I’m heading off to stock up on hair products to get started with my braid masterclass!!!

Keratese-braid-book-3 Keratese-braid-book-1 Keratese-braid-book-4

Download the ‘Couture Book of Braids’ here.

[Pics: Kérastase]